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Frank talk. Real solutions.


The City's Budget and the Local Economy – We need to address the impact that the loss of redevelopment funds will have on the budget, while planning for a future where capital needs will once again be met by means of voter-approved bond measures and both public/private partnerships and partnerships with other levels of government.


Santa Monica Airport - the airport has a fabled history, but the City’s focus needs to be on closing it, not only because of its negative impacts on its surroundings, but also because of the opportunities for parks the City will have if the airport land becomes available to it.


Rent Control – I support rent control; it provides crucial protection for renters and is a stabilizing force in our community.


Traffic – We need innovative solutions, that address traffic directly, for reducing traffic impacts affecting Santa Monicans.


Environment – Let's create a "healthy city" that is more convenient, where most of what we need or want is within a walk, a bike ride, a short bus trip, or a quick ride in the car.


Development – Santa Monica must continue to control development for the benefit of all.


Jobs – Santa Monica’s work force, especially those who work in our largest businesses – tourism and health care – deserve good jobs with good wages and benefits.


Education – I will continue to endorse financial support for our schools and school and college bond measures and programs that target the crucial pre-school years of children.


Homelessness – I will seek ways to expand the successful “housing first” model to deal with homelessness in a humane and positive way.


Youth Violence – Both prevention at the source, and a strong response to violence, are my priorities. I want all our young people to flourish. I support programs to break the cycle of gang recruitment in at-risk children -- and to bring all of Santa Monica's children and young adults into the life of our community.











Frank supports Measure ES for better, safer schools.


traffic solutions

Fiscal responsibility

Future development around Bergamot and the Papermate site

Why isn't our public transportation system more user-friendly?


Free speech and Santa Monica values

An important part of Santa Monica history

"I admire Frank’s sense of Santa Monica’s history, his deep understanding of the issues we face and his intellectual honesty. These are essential qualities in your next council member. Please join  me in voting for him."


Photo by Willow Evans






Photo by Willow Evans